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  • Instagram: The Magic Wand for B2B

    Whether you’re in paid media or you’re after organic traffic, if you haven’t been using Instagram stories to generate b2b leads with Instagram, don...
  • Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know for 2022

    One of the coolest things about writing a blog is discovering who your audience is. Sometimes an audience forms that was never anticipated, but is ...
  • Virtual Influencers: A New Era Begins

    Ok, I’m coming right out of the gate with this one. As the co-founder of an influencer marketing agency, I’m left a bit perturbed while equally int...
  • What Machiavelli Can Teach Us About Business Philosophy & Leadership

    Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince' was written in the early 16th Century while he was living in exile, as a gift to Lorenzo Medici — de facto ruler...
  • Start Addressing Your Work Stress Today!

    It should be no surprise that much of our professional stress is the result of disorganization. A cluttered email inbox, loose stacks of contracts, and a sheer unlimited number of distractions like newspapers and open social media tabs characterize many employees’ lives. All of these elements invite stress. That’s why we need to deal with them swiftly and conclusively.
  • NCAA Rule Change and the New Marketing Frontier

    During our playing careers the combined profit off of our athletic endeavors is in the millions. Our names were used for profit. Our likeness was used for profit. Our blood, sweat, and tears were used for profit. Us? We were hitting up a coinstar machine hoping to scratch together enough change to order a pizza
  • If You Want to Think Big…Think Small

    2021 is here, and influencer marketing shows no signs of dying down. Actually, influencer marketing is quickly proving itself to be the Goliath among David's. However, there has been a significant change in the way brands approach influencer marketing. Where once it was all about getting the most prominent names, now it's about finding influencers with a smaller yet highly engaged following.
  • Epic Marketing Culture Fails

    Marketing is subjective. Creating effective ads that resonate with people in your own community, state, or country is a far more achievable task th...
  • Brutally Honest Advertising

    It’s a true but uncomfortable fact that truth in advertising isn’t something the consumer actually believes. At the same time, many marketers think that the consumer believes their word is gospel. Why do we continue this age old dance of convincing one another we believe something we don't?
  • Social Media Strategy 101

    2020 taught us quite a few things. Along with finally normalizing wearing sweatpants in public, this past year also changed another pre-pandemic so...
  • The Psychology of Viral Content

    Going viral isn’t as simple as creating a mind-blowing story and throwing it on your social media wall. There are many aspects to sharing that determine which stories get millions of views and which fall into the abyss of insignificance.
  • TikTok: The New El Dorado

    We've seen our fair share of social media platforms that appeared seemingly overnight and then disappeared as quickly as they came. TikTok is not o...