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  • Brutally Honest Advertising

    It’s a true but uncomfortable fact that truth in advertising isn’t something the consumer actually believes. At the same time, many marketers think that the consumer believes their word is gospel. Why do we continue this age old dance of convincing one another we believe something we don't?
  • Social Media Strategy 101

    2020 taught us quite a few things. Along with finally normalizing wearing sweatpants in public, this past year also changed another pre-pandemic so...
  • The Psychology of Viral Content

    Going viral isn’t as simple as creating a mind-blowing story and throwing it on your social media wall. There are many aspects to sharing that determine which stories get millions of views and which fall into the abyss of insignificance.
  • TikTok: The New El Dorado

    We've seen our fair share of social media platforms that appeared seemingly overnight and then disappeared as quickly as they came. TikTok is not o...
  • The Art of Scaling From 0 to $3 Million in Six Months

    Our process is so simple it’s really just common sense. Since we have no monopoly on common sense, we are more than happy to share exactly how we do it. No studio shoots or paying influencers thousands of dollars for a disingenuous post. Here’s the story of Animal House Fitness and how we brought them to over $3 million in six months.
  • The Unmistakable Power of Loyalty

    When you bring someone on to represent your product how do you want them to feel about you when they aren't acting within the parameters of a contract? My guess would be you would want them to be loyal to you because of how you treated and approached them. That only comes with an organic connection that's based on honesty and belief in one another. You want a Michael Jordan.

  • Social Influencers and the History of Clout

    Influencers are the new gatekeepers when it comes to visibility and brand recognition.

    An endorsement from an influential Instagram personality can hold more authority than messaging from the company itself. For that reason, agencies are dedicated entirely to influencer marketing.