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We believe product seeding (sending your product out for free) is the foundation of every effective influencer marketing program. It is the breeding ground for all success in the immediate and future, from product feedback to UGC to free organic awareness. Our approach is simple: we build your community of influencers on giving, not asking. As we do this every month, we are delivering to you lifetime relationships with authentic lovers of your product, the best content creators in the world, and the flag bearers that will represent your brand long-term. You can’t build your house on anything else, so let’s get started.

Influencer Generated Content

After product seeding, I have a community of influencers with my product. Now what? Well, here is our philosophy of working with influencers: value them as creators much more than distributors. Influencer’s content creation ability is their most valuable asset in comparison to their organic social as a mechanism for distribution. Because of this, we source and contract influencers to provide your brand with a library of thumb-stopping, engaging, and converting influencer content. Then, we work with you to redistribute this content all across your sales-generating marketing channels. Sound too good to be true? Put it to the test for yourself.

Paid Media

Facebook and Instagram Paid Media serve as one of the best channels to extract the most value out of influencer marketing. It’s not that we don’t value organic social when working with influencers, but we believe this is merely the cherry on top. In comparison to organic social serving as the beginning and end of your influencer activations, we specialize in redistributing influencer content within your Facebook ad account. Instead of likes or reach, we’re judging performance on ROAS and purchases. Let’s team up and scale your influencer marketing efforts together!

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